A bit of background

June 2013 039

Me near the top of Mount Macedon last year – pic by Bianca Aquilina.

Hi everyone! In my twenties I was really really into deep ecology – the work of Arne Naess, Thomas Berry, John Seed and Joanna Macy. I loved that the only way through this mess was to get rid of our anthropocentric ways and understand we are part of nature. I ended up working in ecology and conservation – assessing native vegetation on roadsides, biodiversity community engagement for local councils, bird monitoring, landcare. And then spent all my spare time writing nature articles, leading wildlflower and bird walks and generally helping people to NOTICE nature, especially the common and everyday nature we share our lives with. Last year I published a book Daylesford Nature Diary; six seasons in the foothill forests based on this. www.daylesfordnaturediary.com
But as I get older ( I am 40 now) I find I am more and more concerned with the welfare of animals. The cars, the horrible fences, the attacks from pets, the water rats in yabby traps – I want to spend my time reducing the amount of death and misery caused by these things. In fact – the topic of my next book is “cars, fences, dogs and cats – how these kill thousands of animals each year, and what people are doing about this”.
I have been volunteering with Hepburn Wildlife shelter, and am also mates with members of Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network. And because I work in conservation I can see this big horrible gap. We legislate for threatened species and habitats – but our beautiful common animals are hardly cared for at all. Where is the massive support for reducing wildlife road kill? Where is the drive to remove all the old barbed wire? What about cat curfews? Better management of dog owners? What about information on wildlife friendly fruit netting?

I also need a place for interesting plant sightings, animal behaviour – and other naturalist tidbits. I will be joining this blog with NatureShare for this purpose. YAY!


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