I live in the Wombat Forest, on a small bush block in Porcupine Ridge. The block is grassy dry forest, on the edge of the Central Victorian Uplands, with Mount Franklin nearby.

I have been a mad keen naturalist since I was six or so – with Gerald Durrell and David Attenborough my biggest influences as both naturalist and writer.

In 2013, I published a book called Daylesford Nature Diary: six seasons in the foothill forests. This book is a collection of nature diary articles, set to a specially devised local calendar, and illustrated beautifully throughout ( By Anne Mason). See here:  daylesfordnaturediary.com

The plan is to put  all of my nature writing in one place!!

I am going to amass all my photo records of flora and fauna – here and on NatureShare!

So this blog is definitely a work in progress – thanks for checking it out : )

My email is t.loos@bigpond.com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Tanya. I love your blog and that you are doing what you love. As a kid, (11 i think) I had decided I wanted to be an Ornithologist but then my mother lost my first roll of film which included a nightjar on its nest (in Sussex where I grew up – came here when I was 15) which had taken me so long to first find and then get the pic. I shouldn’t have been put off but that is how things go sometimes when you are growing up.
    I’ve added you to the Natural History links on my blog – http://mycountrynotebook.blogspot.com.au I get very few visitors and just use it to store the Tarrangower Times articles.
    Do take care as you roam the region. It would be nice to catch up one day for a chat. I’m in Castlemaine at least twice a week using the library and shopping so maybe we could meet for a coffee.
    Richard Lee

    • Thanks for your lovely comments, Richard! And thanks for adding me to your blog roll.
      I have added your blog to my favourites and will be sure to check it regularly. Nice lizard post! I will be sure to let you know when I am in the area and would love a cuppa sometime!
      All the best, Tanya

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